the scale…

so I have this scale in my office…it sits right in front of my desk…I left it there after the missions trip to hong kong. we were weighing bags to make sure they were not overweight. do you feel overweight now…well its kinda interesting, people come into my office and they cant resist but to stand on the scale. It could be this daniel fast-I have lost like 12 pounds in 3 weeks. so if you come by my office and you see the scale-go ahead hop on and see the damage! its all right the scale doesn’t lie! sometimes we look at the number and feel good others we feel bad. wouldn’t it be nice to stand on a scale and see how much extra baggage we are carrying-sometimes we are so heavy-weighted down with the cares of life. go ahead lighten the load and lay it at the feet of Jesus…he the one that carries it all.

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