friday…what would be in store for today

I dropped off the boys at school and ran down to mercedes to pick up my wife’s car, then drop it off and run back to work. at 9 am we have a staff prayer meeting and I was studying my next message for crave…a new season pt 2. now during this fast I feel so much more passionate about studying and seeking after God. In prayer today i had such an urgency in my heart to dig deeper! I laid out on a pew and just rested in the presence of God, God is so good. I knew that today was going to be a remarkable day. I went to ruby tuesdays to plan an outreach we are going to pull off on halloween. “to hell an back” a walk through drama about hell. can’t wait to see this outreach come together. that afternoon I worked on a few things while the boys ran around the office (mom is at the wow-remix retreat) we headed home chilled for a bit and went to chick fila to eat some nuggets and fries-actually I had a bowl of fruit and water and the boys ate fries (at this point in the fast anything with substance looks so good). we headed off to the calvary lions football game…where the lions put it on the st johns saints – it was 53 to 16 when we left. Go lions. today was a busy day…but the best part of the day was just chillin with my boys-it was serious daddy time tonight-we will all crawl into bed together and just talk about the day and pray before we sleep. God is so good, he has blessed me with such an amazing family! I am truly blessed!

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