my thoughts about the daniel fast today…

what am i eating today…ezekiel bread, strawberries and grapes for breakfast,blue corn chips and salsa for lunch-now thats good and vegetables and as bake potato for dinner. I believe if you apply some salsa to your bake potato it makes a much better potato…since sour cream, bacon and cheese aren’t on the fast. so what have I learned so far…God is still working on my season of life and ministry. not everyone that says they are on the fast are actually on it on there own terms. a fast is supposed to cause some sort of pain as you suffer your flesh…my flesh is screaming for starbucks, dessert, bread, eggs, dairy products and most of all some sort of meat I can sink my teeth into…but I am not walking around gorging myself with everything else I talk myself into eating. see…you can pretty much justify anything. last night i could easily have justified eating some chick-fila fries- nothing more than potatoes fried in peanut oil, but i resisted and ate a small bowl of fruit. through all this my spirit is crying for more of God. I truly want him to show up in a supernatural way! I want God to be closer than ever before. I want him to wrap his arms around crave and do something fresh. I am hungry for him! when you fast your flesh cries out…but your spirit is what you feed. I have dropped 12 pounds these 3 weeks but I feel like i have grown immensely. I am just looking for what God is going to do.

now one thing I have discovered is that I can live without caffeine, I can change my eating habits, i can be in control of my life. I am going to take some great things away from this fast. thanks pastor for calling it. I have kept the fast…I have not cheated…I have felt the pain…i believe my fast has targeted some areas in my personal as well as ministry life. God is showing up in both!

oh yah I drove by starbucks tonight and they are opening soon…there is a God!


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