kids just gotta have fun…

yesterday i spent the day adding chemicals and salt to my pool. due to the rain we had my salt level was down, my ph was high and my chlorine was low. I had to drain excess water 2 ties in one day…about 6″ each time. which brings me to my point, i took my boys to the pool store and they asked for everything under the sun, but when we left I saw an inflatable canoe…now that looks like fun…we had to have it so we took it home pumped it up and what ya know a storm breaks out and no one gets to use it. today is the first day of fall and it feels great outside. the boys were inside after i got home from the third service, and they went into the pool…jake was the first one in the canoe..he was having the time of his life…until al jumped in too-its a bit small, so 2 rambunctious boys wont fit. al fell in and then it was on, jake swung with the oar, al spit water and a full blown water war ensued…fun is defined by webster as – behavior or an activity that is intended purely for amusement and should not be interpreted as having serious or malicious purposes. a full out war between 2 boys is just plain fun! man I love my family…I have to say thank you God for giving me 2 boys that love to just have fun!

meanwhile I went out to do what I love-well not really I mowed the yard and jumped into the hot tub. now its my time to watch football and soak-thats fun!

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