the end of a daniel fast…

well here is what God has taught me during this fast…

1. my season is now…he wants to use me now to be the best I can. But i need more of him this season. the fast got my attention as well as his, but ultimately will bring about his purpose in me!

2. I can control my flesh and fast for a season…without complaining and moaning and groaning. some times we get on a fast and look to the end just to fill our flesh-it seems like the one thing that sustains. really now…leaning on Jesus is the one thing that sustains in and out of a fast.

3. I need to stay in control of my flesh and not let my flesh control me…therefore i need to fast on a regular basis to train my flesh that it is not in charge and my spirit is. control- so many want to be in control- but what they are is out of control. to truly be in control one just has to control the passion of the flesh!

4. the breakthrough is not after the fast…the breakthrough happens in the fast! I broke through in so many ways-God truly showed up! he spoke clearly during this time…i need to look for the breakthrough to happen all around me!

5. after the fast I went to takeya a japanese steak house and ate – not till I was over full- I just was satisfied. Now I believe the hunger that I have for Him will be satisfied in new ways!
the one thing that God wants to do is bring satisfaction to my life…he is the only one that can truly satisfy!

dinner was good…and a starbucks coffee was simply marvelous!


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