i hate the thing called stress. this week I have been in some stress that has caused me to lose some sleep…now some of my stress is personal and some is out of my control. bottom line when stress hits like a sick feeling…there is only one place for relief-God is speaking to me this week about my stress. there is a lot of things I stress about that I cannot control, there are some things i stress over that my expectations are high for others and when they don’t deliver…i stress over the fact that the bar has been placed high in my own life, yet I don’t see the bar placed as high in others…sounds like i am venting-but i am not. I am writing about this stress because it is helping me to grasp the need to rest. rest-when everything stops and God takes over. rest- when i can’t work it up and I have to depend on God to make it up. rest-when the world spins around and I stand still knowing that even God can stop the world to do one thing! REST

rest-i need to hold onto him like my son holds onto me in the night after a bad dream.

stress-the one vice that the enemy uses to keep us from rest!

today I choose to simply rest in him!


2 thoughts on “stress…

  1. pa that was good thanks for sharing, stress is a great part of my life sometimes and i definitely relate with the stressing over things i cant control. i have been know to let things that i cant control, control me. If you know what i mean. and God is saying let go and give it to me because it is actually keeping me from trusting him with the situation… well God is teaching me alot.. miss you and jinny bunches hope all is going great i know God has great things in store for crave this year i cant wait to come back and not even recognize the place. love ya ~ kel

  2. I sometimes feel like you and I go through the same things at the same time, maybe because of all the time we spend together or may be just our extreme hunger for more and the desire to go deeper. I hope I’m never the cause of any of your stress and if I am that is never my intention. I know that things have changed alot lately but I know the end result is going to be awesome for both of us. I pray your ministry explodes and goes places not even you could imagine. Thanks for being real…

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