the party is over

the party came and went. it was a whirlwind of fun…especially when the guests were supposed to arrive and a thunderstorm hit. I spent so much time cleaning the deck and then we had to bring it all under the lanai. i went to papa johns for pizza and got totally drenched. the house filled up with kids and it spilled over into the deck. there were 17 kids below the third grade and 3 babies. and at least 10 adults in and around the house. it was a zoo-especially when we cut the cake and opened some gifts. jake scored big…in the middle of opening gifts he said “did anybody get me a nintendo ds?” it is so fun to throw a party for the kids you love. its so much work…I picked up a moon-walk and never used it, the pool was full of kids and whatever they could throw in, kids dragged water into the house, and cake was found in some interesting places. all I can say is the party is over…the excitement and joy on every kid was evident…it made me think about how much god is looking forward to throw the party of all ages-welcome home lets sit down at the marriage supper of the lamb and party!


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