c3 conference…

i went to an ed young c3 conference with our staff on monday. ed young spoke and this is what I gained from the conference…
…although i did not agree with all that he said. i did recognize that he is a brilliant pastor that is working it out in texas.
…I can’t apply everything he said but…i can be the best me i can be!
…weekend stupid is the way to be, even if you are a staff member! everything flows out of the weekend.
…count everything-we do this one-i am pretty anal about it too. i do the averages of everything to gage where we are this year from last. (honesty is the best policy in this area)
…thou shalt rip off ideas…we are told by so many that stealing ideas is not a good thing…but since there is nothing new under the sun-its ok to rip off someone elses idea and make it better!
…you tend to learn from others when you ask questions…i am by nature a very quiet person and look forward to people that ask questions about what we do in ministry…its so fulfilling to know you can help!
…a creative team, even if its small will give you fresh ideas, confidence, onsight critique and training for new leaders.

these are just a few things I learned at the conference…the wheels were turning in my brain.


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