chai alpha retreat…

this morning I preached the second session of the retreat this weekend. the students are from usf, ucf and uf and they are so easy to preach to. they are hungry to experience God in a fresh way. I have some down time, so I thought I would blog about this weekend. after the first session we had a barbecue by the beach and the red tide was in. we were coughing, sneezing and carrying on. It felt like the red tide was killing us. just a side note…red tide is a bad thing!

what a privilege to speak into the lives of these students. I met grad students, architecture, biochemical engineers, engineers, and more…these kids are so brilliant! they are truly hungry for God. I am looking forward to tonight, we are going to t he brink and jumping off. ever feel like you are right on the edge of something big? God wants to do the big in your life…I am not looking for a little thing! so why not take a leap of faith and experience the big? you wont if you don’t believe! tonight we are going to jump to a place where God can do something big!


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