super sunday…umbrella?

today i woke up tired from preaching 3 times in 2 days to hungry college students. last night i preached a message on the brink and students jumped into the presence of god. a young man from uf had been saved a few weeks earlier found himself at a retreat asking for the baptism of the holy ghost…he stood and spoke in plain english then I explained to him that when you try to understand you fail to receive what God has for you…he stood there and one second we were worshipping together and the next we were speaking a heavenly language. God is so cool. this guy was filled and you could see an evident change in his life. what an amazing weekend. we closed out the weekend committing to climb higher in God. these students were so hungry and easy to preach to! i have to say that this experience with young adults was a great privilege!
when we finished I ran off to get back to calvary!

this weekend was amazing. I came in and they were taking the offering and a girl stepped up and sang the song umbrella- by rihanna. thats right she sang umbrella and there were umbrellas all over the place. pastor preached a moving word on the good samaritan then there was a live drama on stage with a couple, a drug user that was suicidal, a cutter and a senior citizen. powerful message…powerful stats…if the church would just use there umbrella to protect the hurting. they closed with pastor holding a huge umbrella over the people and there lives changed. it was truly a creative and moving message. pastor you hit a home run this weekend!

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