noise…powerful sermon!


today I shared this message with our middle school and high school students…noise…there is so much noise in our lives. does it really affect us spiritually? Is there a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to hear God…Distractions–-If we can identify the distractions, then we can shut down the noise and hear God clearly! can you hear God clearly, or are you distracted by the noise of life…identify the noises that keep you from hearing clearly. right now writing this blog…the tv is on…two and a half men-mom had botox injected in her lips and they are scary huge. my two sons are playing leg-go star wars in the other room…they just got excited about the level they are on…my wife is cleaning the kitchen and dealing with laundry…I need to pay a bill on line. the neighbor stopped by to thank me for trimming his palm trees on monday…noise its all around-how will you deal with it! if you dont handle the noise the noise will distract you and handle you!

if the enemy of your soul (stupid devil) can get you distracted by the noise of life, then he will get you attention and in turn win your affection! read 1 kings 19:8-13 elijah is on mount horeb and god appears – not in the storm, the wind, the earthquake…but a gentle whisper-i bet elijah was glad he was not distracted at that moment and he heard Gods voice…”what are you doing here elijah?” I believe god wants to truly speak to his people…maybe he is saying something like this…can you hear me now?

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