chic conference wrap up


this weekend we hosted our 3rd chic conference…this one turned out better than before. props go out to all of our volunteer leaders that pitched in to make it a great event. we have some of the most creative people when it comes to decor, tech and of course fashion (we had a fashion show that was amazing-it had everything from style to formal, dancing, dogs and a cute little girl that came out to wave at the crowd…we have some of the greatest servants in men that came just to lug tables, move chairs, set up lunch and hang with us. it was a stressful weekend and by no means was it perfect, but it sure ended as one of those life changing moments for girls. Joy enriquez was our special music artist and she turned it out, jill chambers was the main speaker and worship was led by keisha cory. all this took place for 2 reasons…calvary christian center cares about teenage girls and my wonderful wife-jinny force has a vision to reach girls. Jinny you did a great job leading the conference! I am proud of you!


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