retail therapy…


its monday…I woke up after a late night in the crave cafe…4 bands- well 3 bands and andy zipf. an amazing night of music in the cafe. i dragged into the house after midnight…tired to say the least. 3 services sunday after a weekend of ministry to girls…the chic conference ate every moment of our time from thursday till saturday night. I left the church after midnight on friday and worked all day saturday at the conference-this year was bigger than ever! God truly showed up in the lives of girls.

so how do you recoup from a long weekend packed with ministry…retail therapy. I dropped off the boys at school and we headed off to orlando. the mall at millenia is a great place for retail therapy. I went to aldo and bought some much needed black shoes- my dress shoes are terrible. then we went to urban outfitters and bought a pair of BDG pants and a shirt on sale. after that it was a trip to forever 21 for some great t-shirts. i popped into the apple store and played with the touch ipod-man i want one now! i kept my composure and resisted! headed down to zara and looked at a few things- bought a few things for jinny and then ended up at macys buying some short boots for jinny. we left there ate at panera and headed home.

remember this is our day off…tonight we had dinner with the fam at buca and it was a freak show to say the least right now its 9:22 and I am about to eat some apple dessert, drink some coffee and watch heroes…

by far retail therapy is the best for a long weekend! sounds kinda metro oh well i just like nice clothes…


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