mission 08

well here is the skinny on where crave plans to head for missions this summer…its not europe, hong kong, ireland, africa, australia or south africa. check out the pics and see what you think…its in central america…I have never been there other than close enough to see the coast.
hint…it starts with an N…


houses in nicaragua. betta get your spanish ready…donde es la banyo?


2 thoughts on “mission 08

  1. omg pa thats so cool i don’t know if i will be able to join you but i know it will be amazing just as el Salvador D.R, Spian, Ireland, and Hong Kong where, man missions trips impacted my life in so many ways thank you for giving me every opportunity to reach other because in turn God transformed me… o and something crazy my home openers sister and her husband are missionaries in Nicaragua… so if you need a connection let me know it is a place of desperate need just a few weeks ago a huge storm came through and destroyed houses ans took many lives… i wish i could go but my prayer will definitely will be with you… and i will help during the summer with prep if you need…

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