wednesday…the day it all happens!

well today i started out the day studying for 2 messages. got a call late last night to go out to seabreeze high school’s FCA meeting- so I said yes…naturally. it was a weird day and I was the pinch hitter. so less than half the students showed up and it was a bit interesting. the students that showed up were hungry…well there was like 22 pizzas for 30 students. wed night we started a series called love covers. part 1 we dove into the fact that love covers over sin…the word cover means to guard and what God has deposited in each of us is worth guarding! love not only guards it gives- just like a blanket gives warmth and comfort love gives time, energy, strength and of course resources. next week we will dive into the fact that cover also means (to record or perform a new version of (a song) originally performed by someone else…i.e. love covers the original! – jesus is the original! next week we will deal with the act that so many give love instead of being love! but what they are giving is not really love…

last night was strong in the end the worship was an experience for all that dove in…props to mike, ronnie the singer and the band that turn it out and invite the presence of God each week into crave!

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