life is good!

today is friday. i am typing this while a movie starts…we are watching gremlins its a nostalgic movie from 1984 rereleased on dvd. sounds exciting huh. well after a day of meetings, prayer, a trip to the dentist for a cleaning, shopping for our hell house, studying to preach at the prison, shooting an announcement video with three guys 2 wearing dresses fake beards and an optimus prime mask (reading this sounds so questionable-welcome to the world of youth ministry) dinner with the fam at carabas italian grill, stopping in at the mens wearhouse to get 3 pairs of kids keans altared, a trip to circuit city just to look around (i love that place) and of course a trip to starbucks with a 6 year old in cars pj’s and sponge bob slippers…it just feels good to chill on the couch and watch an old movie drink some starbucks and listen to 2 boys laugh…life is good!



One thought on “life is good!

  1. Hey Pastor Al. This is Stanley. You know me…I am the guy that you see at church with his wife and 3 kids that talks to you every so often about adding one more kid to your bunch :-). You are watching Gremlins huh? That was a great movie. There are so many movies out there that are so questioning to our faith. That one is a keeper! I guess I will see you in church. Say hi to your wife, your two boys, and your daughter for us! 🙂

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