more than just another day…saturday!

today I woke up late…popped in a prayer cd and got focused. I at some pancakes, and fruit and got ready to go out to the jail to preach. i get to do this about 2 times a year and today it was really cool. the room was filled with men and i preached on getting out of the cave. judges chapter 6. i went home ate some cajun boiled peanuts from publix in the produce dept. man they are good! watched a little bit of college football (about 30 minutes) went out and mowed the yard, jumped in the hot tub, ate dinner and got ready again. I needed to put out some cones for parking and pick up some discipleship materials for sunday night. now I am home watching the redsox play the indians…and jd drew hits a grand slam home run in the first inning. now thats what i am talking about. kurt schilling doesn’t look too good. this could be a long game!

I read a comment from stanley a family I run into about every 3 weeks at calvary and they have encouraged me to increase the family size. they have 3 precious kids and they are so happy every time i see them in church. ya know that’s the way it ought to be. well we are going to add to the force fam hopefully in january! stanley…your family has made an impact on the forces!

January is going to be a fun month for the forces full of excitement and awe…hopefully by march we will tell the world we are having a boy or girl. now thats what I am talking about.

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