calvary cares…tues work day at a house

woke up this morning after a Loooooooong weekend and an ushers meeting on monday night. we prayed and then went to this house in daytona as a staff! we drove up and saw a 2 story house with 18 pallets of sod out front and a huge backyard. we laid sod all day, hung a few blinds, tore down some fences ate some chic fila and got dirt so far under my nails Its gonna take some deep down chicken wing grease to get out. (you know when you have to suck the wing sauce off your fingers and it gets in the cuticle-nice) my thoughts for the day! we made a huge difference in the house…piles of trash were hauled off. Pastor Raley is a work horse! he can haul huge loads of sod anywhere all day long! I am impressed, he never stopped and was the first one back to work after lunch. he kept at it! now thats the character of a true leader! thank god for a pastor that knows how to get it done. also we had a few country boys on the sight and they just go at it with no resolve. calvary truly cares!


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