sermon series…love covers

tonight we are going to dive deeper into love. 1 peter 4:8 love covers over a multitude of sin. if love covers what does it do? we took a look at the word cover and it means to guard and protect …so we can see that love guards and protects. cover also means to protect, to pattern and to probe. so tonight we are going to deal with the fact that love is a shelter for protection. god wants to cover us and protect us…Love is a pattern of the original – a cover song is a newer version of an original. Jesus is the original and he is the pattern we are to follow…love also is a probe- it investigates- to cover does not mean to hide something but to investigate it as well. Jesus did not come to cover up our sin but openly deal with it and set us free from it. simply said…LOVE tells the whole story! so many people are trying to cover their lives with so many things…God is LOVE and he is the only one that can cover us! tonight is gonna be a good night at crave!


1 thought on “sermon series…love covers

  1. wow i have never understood that before and you dont know how much that helps me right now…
    hope all is going well @ crave love yall

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