it is what it is…

this weekend has been a blur with all that we did this past week and then yesterday…work all day and start setting up for or outreach “to hell and back” and then drive over to orlando- pick out some furniture for al’s room, eat dinner at smokey bones (the beef brisket was amazing) and then head back to home. at 10 pm i got energetic and primed a bedroom we are working on and at 1am climbed into bed only after unclogging a drain in the master bath. the next morning I got up and started painting the room. at 1:30 I had to stop and et lunch and head off to meet some youth leaders and work on the outreach “to hell and back”. we are transforming our game-room, cafe and offices into a trip to hell. at 6 pm i headed home to cook some burgers-we are watching a few kids for some staff pastors and then went back to continue to work. now its 11pm and I am feeling the pain of climbing ladders, painting and hauling stuff. we actually dragged a motorcycle that was wrecked upstairs as a prop. I am gonna check my fantasy football team and then pass out. it is what it is…


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