the best monday ever…


today is monday…and it has been the best day ever. now it started at 1 am with a drip in the bathroom from a monsoon that hit last night, but today was a good day. I dropped off my boys at school, got some starbucks, ate a piece of banana bread in the school office, grabbed some keys to a school bus and headed out with the 2, 3rd and 4th grade to see charlottes webb the play at the peabody. on the way back we went to a nursing home for veterans and passed out cards, said the pledge and sang God bless america. these men were in wheel chairs but something hit me there that had a lasting effect. these men fought for something that was real…freedom. they didn’t look like much now, but the sacrifice they made, made it possible for me to enjoy a free day with my son. we went to McDonnell’s after that and it was a freak show. 40 kids in one small mcdonalds…the noise level was piercing! today was the best way to spend a day off…going on a field trip with my son! one last thing that made this a great day…my fantasy team scored 115 points (go tom brady) and I am in first place in my division! now thats just icing on the cake.

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