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thursday night young adults service in jacksonville…i drove up and preached for a good friend who was on vaca…I am feeling that! well, I showed up early and saw some of my students that are in Jacksonville masters commission, checked in on katy and ashley and I have to say they are both doing so good. it is so refreshing to see kids walk in the will of God and grow! it is a good thing when you get in the will of God and allow him to mold and shape your life. the service was amazing at least a dozen came to the altar for salvation and after we had an incredible meal. I sat with my old pastor and pounded shrimp and fish. the atmosphere was so inviting…young adults hung out till at least 11 and just had a great time eating and chilling. during this time a kid came up and talked to me about his struggle with the call of God. he was in bible quiz in high school and memorized everything! he knows that he has a call on his life but is struggling with making the decision to walk in his will. it’s such an interesting place to be, abram was told to go and then when he went is when stuff started to fall into place. so if you are struggling with it….just walk it out!


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