friday night date night

I have not been home in the evening for 2 weeks, so we got a sitter for the boys and headed off to eat sushi! yes Takeya has the best sushi! I love it! if you hate sushi…then you don’t know what your missing! we ate sushi and a salad then went and got tix to a movie. going to a movie can be great experience or a bummer. let me explain…when you are on a date with your wife, talkin to a bunch of people kinda breaks the flow. we got tix and noticed all these middle school kids out front, but before we went in we dropped by starbucks for some coffee at the movie! the big movie this weekend was american gangsta people were waiting in lines to see it. I even saw a few church peeps there in the line. my wife saw a couple we aint seen for weeks in church (well its probably more than a month)! well if you are wondering if this is where we went then dont. I can’t stand rated r movies that are filled with cursing, sex and violence. think about it…american gangster- nuff said about what kinda language they would use! I am sorry if you went to see it, we went to see dan in real life. now the theatre was filled with old folks in their 60’s and then a few students…weird! it was an amazing flick- especially since i am a big fan of steve carell and the show the office. its clean and you will laugh a lot. so drop the guns and drugs and go for dan in real life! you wont be disappointed! date night was a success…we had sushi…starbucks and a movie!


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