the seduction of success

we experienced another amazing sunday at calvary! Our pastor preached a message on the anointing and made a statement in the middle “the seduction of success” it is so easy to be seduced by success. you plan an outreach, missions trip or service and throw all you have into it…you get people to pray, you pray your guts out and then you get so focused on God that he shows up! just a thought- why would we be surprised at Him showing up? if you draw close to him and go after him, then he is naturally going to show up. it’s easy to be seduced, when you stop pressing after God when the event is over…you step back and take a breathe and then press for the next big thing…just a thought-if we pressed in to the glory and saw god show up and stayed in it, then what more could he do in us and thru us? i was challenged deeply today! to not settle for just the anointing but go for the glory of God. too many times we want to hear the approval of man, when God is simply pleased when we chase after him! what an incredible sunday…if you have been seduced by success, then get back on your knees and go after the one that brings the glory! success is what we all want, but how do we respond after it happens. keep on keeping on!


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