mondays are good days..

here’s what I did and learned today. I dropped the boys off and went to my favorite starbucks and met our principal for a cup of joe! cca is a good school, because we have good leaders. i was supposed to go to the hospital and sit with my mother in law and my wife…dad is having a pacemaker replaced. I guess thats more than changing like a light bulb…well his potassium level was low so he had to stay in a day and work it out and tomorrow go in for a change in pace. say a prayer for dad tomorrow. i spent the morning washing and cleaning my car – it needed it and then relaxed for the afternoon. i spent some time working on part 2 of a series I am in “friends with benefits” wednesday night is gonna be fun. so evening hit and we went out to the hospital to see dad. we brought our boys with us and told them to chill and not run around and basically not get us kicked out. we were leaving the hospital, and I have been in so many visiting people, i heard this deep snore coming from a room we walked by…i had to imitate the noise and the boys laughed. it was then that we walked by a room and this old…old lady was asleep, door open and no teeth…my wife then says if I ever look like that please pull the plug. what I learned from this trip…getting old is ugly. at this point some of you are looking for the pic…but i had to control myself from breaking out the cel phone and taking one. what i also learned…when I get old…if i lose my teeth don’t leave the door open to the room so passersby can enjoy the view…or someone might just pull the plug…

monday night…prison break fall finale and heroes!



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