tuesday…great start-but wow the tide changes quick.

I went to work today sat at my desk for an hour and got some serious stuff done…i felt good about the way today was rolling. jumped into staff prayer reading over the notes for my message “friends with benefits pt 2” I am focusing on the power of communication. what guys truly want girls to know about friendships but cant say it…and vice versa. well prayer was just about over and it was real good this morning-i could really feel God in a fresh way in prayer-today was going to be good. I got interrupted by an emergency phone call. my wife’s grandfather was on a respirator and was not going to make it. i had to scramble – call people and get my wife back from a field trip to the zoo and then drive 45 minutes to where he was. we almost made it…we got the call he had passed on. today was turning quick. we took grandma home made phone calls for her…comforted her and then i drove back 45 minutes to pick up clothes for my wife to stay with her. this is what family is all about-love! the day rolled on and tears flowed…you never know when its your time. I am a pastor and my response driving was WOW…this is not a good time, but when is it a good time to die. the funeral is this week, i get to preach at it…Now I have done my fair share of funerals, but family is different. this week is going to be an interesting one…emotionally I am spent, but God is the strength of my heart. tuesday is almost gone…thank God for his mercies being new every day.


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