friends with benefits 2

if we are going to have friends, then we need to look closely at the benefits we are getting ourselves into. tonight we tried to help out our students with a thing called comunicaton. you see there are some things girls would want to say to guys if they could about friendships…like:
1. don’t send mixed signals.
2. don’t treat us like “one of the guys” because we are not.
3. help us avoid making stupid mistakes with other guys
4. You got 2 ears and one tongue – listen!
5. notice us for the right things!
6. be more than a friend who is a Christian….be a christian friend
then there are some things guys would want to say to girls about friendships…like:
1. it is what it is…a friendship. Nothing more nothing less.
2. spare us from your “drama queen” moments.
3. don’t hold grudges and keep bringing negative hurtful things back up.
4. don’t expect me to read your mind.
5. i need help being the man of god and character i want to be on the inside.
these are just a few we discussed much of which can be found in jeanie mayos book called uncensored- get a copy and read it- its a worth while buy!

tonight was a powerful night several got saved and many saw friendships in a new light!

i love it when the light turns on in students heads when they understand the truth! thats our job as ministers to give them understanding so they can stand.


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