friday funeral…

friday we celebrated the life of grandpa. he passed away this past tuesday and I had the privilege of preaching the funeral. it is so cool to be able to help people thru tough times in there lives. this is the toughest for the family members that were the closest to him. grandpa was an amazing man. he would have been one of those men that i would have loved to meet when he was in his prime. he was a test pilot during world war 2 now you gotta have guts to do that. he also bought a motorcycle from a guy selling them to people in the service. it was crated and he bought it for $50…harley davidson id number 11. at the funeral one of his sons and grandkids shared stories and brought many to tears. the graveside was a unique mason experience with a pentecostal preacher, taps on a bugle and the air force there to present the flag. the moment he gave the flag to grandma and said …on behalf of the air force and the president of the untied states, it is my high privilege to present you this flag. Let it be a symbol of the grateful appreciation this nation feels for the distinguished service rendered to our country and our flag by your loved one. now that was moving! grandpa we will all miss you!


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