youth convention weekend wrapup


youth convention is held a coronado springs a disney resort. this is a cool place for convention. this year trent cory led worship and pastor raley preached. friday nights message “carried to the table” was all about mephibosheth the shattered son of saul who was dropped and damaged. pastor raley started out with a table of stuff that students wanted like…ipod, guitar, keyboard, cel phone, cd player…until he used a sledgehammer and hammered the stuff. you want it now? we don’t want damaged stuff! we throw junk thats broke away…aren’t you glad God does not throw us away because we are all damaged goods. what a powerful message! students were touched in a huge way! that night sarah kelly played with her band (sarah you are amazing) and our instrumental ensemble played for the offering (guys you tore it up – even though the melody guitar was not miked…) Saturday morning the service started with trent leading worship…(trent you are an amazing worship leader-you need to do some real big youth events) we here is where the message from the night before continues…I was on stage and walked off to get something and walked down the stairs…down the stairs and crunch i heard the sound..i stepped on a pair of prada sunglasses-sorry trent-when I realized what I stepped on in the dark—wow that hurt! ok worship was on another planet! the kids jumped in and you could feel God in that place! pastor raley preached “holy ghost hook up” and over 1/2 were filled it was such a powerful altar experience…I walked thru the crowd praying for kids and it hit me in the middle and just a flood of tears came…his presence was so refreshing! after an emotional weekend with family and preaching a funeral i needed this. God is so good!

I am home now…got the christmas decor down from the attic-I am tired…so good night!

2 thoughts on “youth convention weekend wrapup

  1. I almost cried when he smashed the Guitar *sniffle*
    But Youth Conference was amazing and i would love to go again next year!
    Next up: NICARAGUA and FIN ARTS!!!
    OH SO E-X-Citing!

  2. I wnt to and it was awesome it helped me sooo much with my own life I was just wonderind do you happen to hae any pictures or video clips or know where i can find some???…

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