another powerful sunday at calvary


i have to honestly say that to miss a service at calvary would be a bad idea. I would not let anything stand in the way of being in church. now for some-missing comes natural-you don’t need much drama in order to lay out. today the worship was rich, the choir song accompanied by dancers and a painter on stage brought the glory in the house, the prayer time was equally powerful and the message was challenging! pastor preached on saul’s seduction. you could feel God in a rich way this morning!

here are a few quotes from the message this week…
– sauls seduction was his success…
– we will lose the anointing if we do not deal with the low places in our lives
– no devil can take away my anointing.
– when you think you can make it without God, look out! he will let you!
– saul lost his anointing but not his job – you can lose your anointing and still have the same position!

powerful day at calvary!

if you have never heard of this place…click here and watch it on line!

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