leaders I am thankful for…

discipleship is a big deal in our youth ministry. there are 4 different levels for a student to go thru, all of which are challenging. some of the requirements i put into the levels I went thru as a young adult on sunday afternoons with my youth pastor. a group of us would show up early to pray, read and go over course work. we had to read winky pratneys book called youth aflame. discipleship changed my life…and the leader that led those sessions was pastor roy weaver.

pastor roy would always say things like keep on keepin on. he would give you a serious hard time for showing up late and he pushed us to experience the power of God. it was his leadership that made a difference in my life. Roy took me on my first missions trip to jamaica where I preached for the first time overseas. Roy challenged me to teach a high school sunday school class. Roy took me to the national street ministers conference in dallas, texas. he constantly encouraged everyone around him. when you were in his presence you left feeling better about yourself.

roy went to be with the lord…I believe he is waiting on all of us that he discipled.



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