thankful for the leaders that shaped my life…

I thought that since this week is thanksgiving…I would list a group of people that have helped shape the character in my life… stay tuned this week and i will write a little about each person that made a difference in my life…so who are you thankful for?

my first grade teacher at kings academy in west palm beach use to have a green shoe in her desk…i felt the bottom of that shoe many a times…i am thankful that she taught me discipline in school-later on I had to go to the deans office and they had a jacari racket (a wooden racket in the shape of a racket ball racket with holes drilled in it for aerodynamics) that racket would wear me out! can’t really do that today, but I am thankful for the discipline (ouch) that i received from leaders in my life…

discipline is not fun, but it’s necessary to attain the full measure of God! if you are too big to be disciplined, then just remember the word says God disciplines those he loves!

what leaders have shaped your life?

this week I am gonna list some more leaders that have taken a part in shaping my life! if you are a leader that has taken a part in my life…thanks


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