leaders i am thankful for…continued


I am so thankful for the leaders that made a difference in my life…today i thought about the college professors that taught me at southeatern university dr. hacket, terris newman, dr. white, dr. fetke, dr. richardson…all poured into my life…all made a deposit in me when I was in college. the college experience started the fall of 1989 and lasted until the summer of 1993. i spent 4 years at this place in order to be trained for ministry. I still had so much to learn. isn’t it funny how some people can go to college and attain so much wisdom that they feel like they know it all…can’t stand people like this-they are so arrogant. makes me wanna puke-especially when they don’t have much to offer. ok…enough of that. lets talk about my professers…

Dr. Hackett – taught practical ministry, multi staff and homiletics…i loved his classes because they were so practical and he really made me think! i don’t think i will ever preach for as little as 20 minutes…i am thankful for how practical he made ministry!

Dr. Richardson – taught pastoral counseling, pastoral theology – some called it story hour, but his insight into the real world of ministry, has shaped the way i see issue. he had unbelievable stories that made you truly think about what you were getting into…i am thankful for how blunt he was about churches and ministry! he made it real!

Dr. White- he taught theology of missions- this class was fun- he was an african missionary that was loud and proud about missions. he challenged us about souls and taught us african songs…mawri wakanaka – i am thankful for his passion for missions.

Dr. Estridge – he taught acts, romans, and various bible classes. He would start teaching bible and then find himself preaching, yelling and challenging his students about the truth of the bible. he took a personal interest in his students – i can remember walking across campus with him and he would ask “have you bought your wife flowers lateley” he was concerned about the family! I am thankful for his passion to teach and preach!

thank god for a place that trained me to do what i do today!

southestern university is shaping the leaders of today!


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