leaders i am thankful for…continued


 who are you truly thankful for?  

well this week i am off and I needed to do some work around the house.  I poured a footer for our deck – sounds like something big, but really it was a 6′ long footer next to our existing pool deck.  our pavers were collapsing due to the height of the original footer. i pulled up pavers and re-leveled them, pressure washed my deck, mowed the grass, and hung christmas lights on the house…this has truly been a productive week (as I write this my 8 year old is running around the kitchen holding his head saying brain freeze…ouch!)

 i am thankful for the leaders that taught me how to fix things and repair things…props go to my dad-he could fix anything. when i was growing up we had a garage full of tools with a huge work bench.  my dad always had a project he was working on…from fixing the family car, to working on a lawnmower, cutting down trees or simply re-plumbing a house. dad always seemed to be able to fix anything.  

my dad instilled in us that working hard was a good thing.  he was probably the hardest working man i have ever known.  if i could work half as hard as my dad i felt like i was accomplishing something. thanks dad for teaching me to fix things and double thanks for modeling a great work ethic.  so many men in this world can’t fix jack…i appreciate the fact that i was raised by a father that was more than a handy man! the picture on this page is may dad and brother cody!


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