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we hosted thanksgiving for our family this year for the first time.  there were 22 people here, 2 turkeys, 1 ham, a brisket and a ton of food.  there was so much dessert leftover that family members were hauling off woopie pies and pumpkin pie by the plate loads… i am so thankful for family

this was my first experience with frying a bird in injecting another with 16oz of cajun spices…the bird was bangin! i have to say i didn’t burn down the house, didn’t burn myself and still managed to pull off a turkey worth talkin about.right now we are cleaning up the house…right before I go to circuit city for the anual campout with my bro for slome buys. thats right -we camp out for hours just to hit the sales on black friday – last year I got an amazing deal on a laptop! this year its a navi system, wii games and some dvd’s.

tomorrow i will have some people to blog about!

happy turkey day! 


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