gaslight parade…


ormond beach has an old car parade every year the night after thanksgiving. the parade is called the gaslight parade and is probably one of ormonds’ best kept secrets…i can remember coming out on friday night as a kid with my dad just to catch a glimpse of the old cars that drove by.  it was a walk back in time.  tonight we took the boys and hung out and saw the parade…it was really good this year.  slightly cold, but the parae started at 7pm we showed up at 6:45 with chic fila for the boys and a starbucks.  we sat and watch the cars waved and saw santa in the end. it was all done and we got stuck in a bit of traffic, but still got home by 8pm…now that’s a parade…no wait, great spot, not too long and you can get out quick… 

jake stood and waved at every car… the cars were simply amazing…but what’s more amazing was the time we spent wit hour boys.  family time is so vital-you  gotta do it!  oh yah the parade was free! pic-0423.jpgpic-0422.jpg


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