training wheels…


do you remember what it was like to try and ride a bike without training wheels.  here are 2 boys-one just off training wheels and the other wanting oh so bad to get rid of his training wheels.  so today we raised the wheels up so he could feel the balance point- the faster he went the easier it was so jake flew…we took a few laps around the block and had a great time after school.  it was a break from homework to go for a ride. it takes perseverance to learn how to ride without training wheels.   

do you still have your training wheels on … cant seem to get your own balance- fall down and can’t seem to get up! can you imagine if you still had training wheels on whenever you rode a bike…eventually you have to grow up and take off the training wheels and ride!  the word says this…perseverance must finish its work that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything .   keep pressing – grow up and stand firm in the faith!  these are the words i told my son and god keeps telling us…you can make it! don’t worry i wont leave you alone!


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