sunday i was in church…and it never fails – usually right in the middle of worship or in the message i start to hear God so clear.  I know hearing God over the pastor preaching sounds add…but if the shoe fits?  I wrote this word in the middle of worship in my journal (my journal is the book that i take everywhere with me…i write in it late at night in the middle of the day and even in church what God is saying to me…ideas that get sparked and just creative nuggets that get dropped in my spirit)  ok…the word i wrote was TRANSITION!

|tranˈzi sh ən; -ˈsi sh ən|the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

i really didn’t know what it was for – i am preparing a message for wednesday night around the thought of if you can change your position you can change your life…  I can remember when God told me it was time to transition in ministry- it scared the poo out of me-but God told my wife the same day so that was somewhat comforting…it was a step of faith to leave a comfortable place of success and have to rebuild something! At first it was a time to just wrestle with God over it…but a wise man said to me that the will of God is not something you find its something that grows on you and you can’t escape!  Transition was not easy because of so many details that normal people fret over – but with God its all under control even when we can’t see it! 

my thoughts about transition – 

1. whenever God calls for a transition-its better for both parties involved.

2. God gives us a window to impact lives around us in a positive way-then its time to transition.

3. abraham, moses, all the disciples went thru transition – even Jesus himself- so look forward to it, because it will happen to you!

4. in order to be all that we are destined to be we will not stay in t he same place forever! for me i am so glad i went thru transition-my life has changed for the better in the past 5 years…

5. will you go thru transition-most definitely!  so cherish the time you have in transition because God truly knows how to take care of you in this time! 

transition- today i found out someone that i admire was going thru it…i am not surprised by it- because we all go thru it!  I am just blessed to be able to say that i had the privilege to be impacted by this individual!  I look forward to see all that God does in his life!   


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