climb up and change…

this week at crave we are pushing our students to climb to a new position in God.  if you stay in the same place you have always been, then you will never experience anything new.  God has so much for us to experience and we will miss out by not climbing higher in Him. the word Change means to put one thing in the place of another; to shift; Any variation or alteration in form, state, quality, or essence. if you are in the same place you have always been, then you are not going thru the process of change! you get in the right position, then your perspective on life will change!

when I was 14 I hung around these kids in my neighborhood that weren’t the brightest! they took me to a tree that was taller than anything I had ever seen. the tree had branches that you could easily climb to the top, so we climbed up to see all the way across the river. at the top the tree, the tree would sway about 6′ in the wind, it was a little scary holding on as the tree swayed in the wind! the first time i climbed up it was a new experience! wow this is high! this kid climbed up to show me the view and on his way down…i was behind him luckily…he lost his footing and fell like 20’…he hit every branch on the way down, but luckily his arm got caught on a branch (not sure which would have hurt less given the choice to hit the ground or pull your arm out of its socket) he hung his arm up and nearly ripped it out of its socket (i can still remember the profanity that flew out of his mouth) …that day he gained a new perspective for falling out of a tree. this experience has lasting effects for everyone that was there…i didn’t climb the tree again! (we settled for playing war with bb guns and wrist rockets…ouc)

new experiences…all shaped by different perspectives. as a youth pastor, if i want kids to have a new perspective on things…then i need to give them a new experience. we create atmosphere and opportunity for God to show up. wednesday night youth church ias one opprtunity to climb higher! a change (a shift, an alteration) in perspective takes place when we get in the right position…so i dare you climb high and experience God…there is so much more!

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