happy birthday..

last night we celebrated a friends birthday.  marvin eans…and several of his friends met in orlando at the cheesecake factory. some of us had  to stop in at albertsons for a gift card and ran into some peeps that live in orlando. i saw them in the parking lot and caught up for a few.  friends – people you can have a great time with and know they honestly care about you as a person.  i preach about it to students all the time and its cool to see it worked out in everyday life.  well we ate, laughed and generally had a great time. after we went to the sak comedy lab for some entertainment.  I did not know what we were getting into. its a dark small place with a stage and stadium theatre seats. SAK Comedy Lab is a place where they do improv. 2 teams of 3 comedians stood up and did improv to various skits and plots. we had a great time. friday night with friends, good food and laughs…well i think we laughed more together and at each other than at the the sak!happy birthday marv!


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