a wise person said…character is who you are when no one is looking.  today we heard an amazing message by pastor jim raley on king saul in 1 samuel 16:14-18.  when the anointing departed he acted different!  he replaced it with skill, he lost god’s influence, he did things he never would have done before and ultimately the thing that cost him his anointing (the amelekites) was his destruction…in his last moments on this world he was wounded in battle and near death and an amelekite is the last one to have contact with saul.  the amelekite that took sauls life brought the crown and bracelet to david and he tore his clothes and cried for saul and jonathon.  the amelekite in turn was put to death for touching king saul david said “Why were you not afraid to lift your hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?” then they killed him! the thing that cost saul his anointing was dealt with by david the successor to the throne!

the one thing that changed in sauls life was character! he changed when he lost god’s anointing! if you aren’t careful, you can lose more than just your anointing-you can lose your destiny!

I am reading a book by mike foster called deadly viper…character assassins… one assassin they deal with is called zi qi qi ren which basically means self deception while deceiving others. honesty is all about character…are you willing to lose your anointing over a lie? just remember in God’s economy character counts.Its sad when people stoop to lie just to cover something up or deceive others.

just today a person lied to me directly…I assist a crew that helps park the thousands that come to calvary and a gentlemen came in late – i mean 30 minutes late. if you come to calvary that late be prepared to walk if there are no legitimate parking spaces left. i stopped him and directed him to go down his access road we were parking cars on and he said he needed to go pick up a kid…i asked him where and he stumbled for an answer and then spit out well where they get dropped off. needless to say he just did not want to park where we wanted him to…when i went in to the church he was walking in from behind the building and could not even look at me. sad…lose your anointing over a parking space or a little walk. I don’t know about you but i am being challenged over and over to take the high road! i dont want to lose my anointing over something so petty! if its a movie, a tune, a web-sight, a joke, whatever…Saul lost it because he couldn’t kill a bunch of animals and a king!

dont lose your anointing!

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