leadership team…

I am so thankful for our leadership team at crave.  God has given us some talented and exceptional people…but most of all anointed people.  tonight we celebrate christmas together – there will be about 45 of us at a home eating olive garden on the pool deck, playing a game of bonco-its a crazy dice game and then we play the dirty santa game.  we all bring a $10 gift and people pick numbers and then the fun begins…if you like what someone else has-just reach out and take it!  last year i brought a fajita maker (a regifted item) and the war began for the prize. 2 of our leaders went back and forth trying to get the grill…and in the end Ron ends up with the prize…this year i have another one of those type of items that people will go crazy for…tonight will be a good night. 

I spent this morning writing cards to each leader and filling the card with a little appreciation from best buy or bath and body works…I can honestly say we are worlds apart from last year this time. we are seeing growth, but not without issues, and we have grown as a leadership team. tonight i am going to share some thoughts with our staff as to where i believe we are headed.

i always use these times to build vision and expectaion in the hearts of our leaders.  in order to get where we believe we are destined to go- we gotta have good leaders.  2008 is a year of new beginings and we are going to see some new things happen at crave! 

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