1 touch


wednesday night was a compel night at crave!  the house was hopping with studets.  the air was electric…hundreds of kids waited at the doors to get into the gym, and when we opened the doors it was a rush to get in.  worship was hnl (hole nother level) the kids were either in it or like some of our students that come in on a bus- they were on another planet.

you could feel God moving in the building.  lakeland masters commission were with us this night and in the end the altars were filled with students making new commitments.this was the largest single crowd to attend crave this fall and it was life changing. we gave away an ipod touch at the end of the night…this night proved to be a momentous night!

time slipped away so in the end before we we gave away the loot we used our announcements video as a transition. God was so thick in the place kids were weeping around the altars and our resident comedians were giving there rendition of the crave 411 holding a sword and singing my hips don’t lie…

a compel night at crave…more than an event! 


1 thought on “1 touch

  1. pastor al

    last night was incredible Gods presence was so heavy i know this is just the beginning just the tip of the ice berg crave is about to hit another level so much that even the ones who usually sit are not going to be able to just watch any longer… we have gotten to a point that we cant afford to stay where we have always been… and i believe that vision is so real in crave its has begun…

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