deadly viper…the assassin of amped emotions

I am reading this great book on character and it has hit home in so many ways.  the assassin of amped emotions is the one that takes pleasure in taking you down by pushing your emotional buttons.  have you ever wondered…why am i so angry?  i would consider myself a person with a  pretty laid back disposition.  i don’t get very emotional about much in life…for instance- I have raised my voice at my wife once in our marriage…she dropped our 3 month old baby on his face in a parking lot and it was purely an accident but my response was an emotional outburst. that was 8 years ago and we have been married 17 years, so you can see I am not very emotional.  

i have seen families lose there mind screaming and hollering at there kids because there emotions have been amped up!  have you ever gone to a grocery store or even the mall and you see a couple just tearing into  their kids for just being nothing more than a kid! we can get so stressed out that we allow our emtions to get amped up and then we burst! 

here is an excerpt from the book i am reading maybe it can help you out…when someone hurts you, lies to you how do you respond?  there actions are reprehensible…but are you fast to forgive? “you see when you dont forgive someone, you let them park in your life forever. These people are like parasites that can suck the life right out of you and allow bitterness to rot you out.  if you let people these people and their actions haunt your thoughts, emotions, and spirit, you allow them to continually damage not only you but those around you…”  what do you do?  drop them like a rock…literally write their name on a rock and drop it off a cliff through it out into the ocean…and let go!

forgiveness is letting go.  the assassin of amped emotions wants you to hold on so your emotions stay charged up! 

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