locked out…

have you ever locked your keys in the car with the car running? I can say this has never happened to me, but today, yes just today i went to lunch with an amazing person…my wife…and 4 of our staff members.  

on the way back to church the 4 staff that drove on their own were in front of the gym and one had such a look of dispair on his face…he was standing next to his car…door shut and the car running!   i went to the maitnance office to get a slim jim…they had a bag of tools to break into a car (yes a church has tools to break into cars), but after much work i ended up calling our maitnance director to come over to the rescue. life has so much drama in it. the last time i saw this was walking through the church parking lot…car parked in a spot…running and locked up tight!

if you let it, life will rule you and lock you out of your own world and leave you running with nowhere to go! the facts are simple…life is full of drama…but you are the ultimate director of your performance on the stage of life. lie is running full speed ahead…dont get locked out while its sitting in park!


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