monday night at the dinner table

tonight we had chinese for dinner.  i order general taos chicken and pork fried rice…gotta love some chinese-unless you spend a week in hong kong and eat it twice a day.  been there and ate the pigeon head at the dim sum restaurant! the one thing my boys like about chinese is the fortune cookie.  they were reading the fortunes and they weren’t very good, so i told my oldest to say 3 words after the fortune…ON  THE  TOILETTE…he reads the fortune and adds the three words, then realizes what he said and bursts out laughing!  from that point on it was pandemonium at the table…never a dull moment at the force home.

my boys will probably repeat this at an awkward time…i will have to accept full responsibility.  

1 thought on “monday night at the dinner table

  1. pa i love it… that is hillarious… p.s i couldnt eat chinese for like five mth maybe longer after hong kong… i had never eaten so much chinese in my life…

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