the rush is on…

i am Standing in a huge line at the post office…people are mailing packages for xmas.  The guy in front of mr has 2 huge boxes he can’t even pick them up-he has to shove them across the floor and grunt the whole time…he is with this guy that is all sweaty and they are not very happy aboutmiling the boxes…the line is moving slowly, so I am sending this blog via email from my phone… hey i just saw  brother in law in line-he was mailing a boxto his brother in iraq…the rush is on for xmas…people get in such a rush…i am making a choice this year to not let the rush of others steal my joy.  This has to be the happiest time and the most stressful too…

Thoughts on people caught up in the rush

1. They make poor choices- ever buy something for someone just because you have to get something…

2. They lose their mind in lines- ever feel like screaming in line when you seem to choose the short line and the long line is moving faster…

3. They generally go out looking like they are in the rush…ie a lady with a kid in line-why do women go out without makeup on? do they think no one will see them? hideous! I thank god everyday for a wife that looks good when she goes out!

4. They say stuff under the duress of the rush they would not normally say…when you are all amped up on emotions its easy to say things to people that stopping your flow. you know the people on cel phones, or with screaming kids or the guy that get to the front of the line and disputes the price of an item…nice

are you in the rush…or has the rush got in you?


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