illustrations gone bad

i have done some pretty bad illustrations in the past in messages that weren’t quite thought all the way through…here’s a few…

topic…cutting down dead wood in your life- every branch that doesn’t bear fruit need to be cut down…we erected a huge dead tree in the gym and then i used a chainsaw to cut down the dead stuff…i could not get it started so i set it on an altar and started it cutting a huge chunk out of the altar…ouch! topic…rain-we had a walk way that surrounded the gym and i had an umbrella and at different points in the message i would put up the umbrella-well you cant use water to throw in a building so we used marshmallows…marshmallows were raining down and i was protected with an umbrella-until they were picked up and thrown…we lost the crowd in a marshmallow fight.  at one point you just joined in and started chucking marshmallows…it was out of control!

whenever i bring my sons up on stage…you never know what will happen. our youngest likes the stage and loves to make people laugh, our oldest goes blank on stage and just smiles…but turns into the enforcer when his brother gets out of line. last night i interviewed them in front of our students and asked them about christmas…”what’s the best part of christmas?” one says opening gifts! the other looks right at me and says “jesus” now that makes you feel good. exiting the stage our youngest decides to crawl down the stairs and our oldest proceeds to drag him by the shirt down the stairs and across the gym floor. now that’s unexpected and brought down the house…

some things you can control…other things you can’t…so control what you can, think through it from every possible angle and by all means video tape it…so you can at least laugh at yourself!

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