alvin and the chipmunks…

today we went to see alvin, and i have to admit i was looking forward to see this movie with my boys.  popcorn, coke and hundred of kids in theatre… 

my thoughts on the movie… this is probably the best kids flick i have seen in some time. i laughed just as much as the boys…i appreciate the fact that the writers connected with the family ion this flick. i especially love it when dave seville has his world turned upside down and is in a grocery store being pummeled by this kid in another cart. the mom makes some poor excuse for how crazy kids are and dave responds with a chuckle ya, sometimes you wanna put them in a box and leave them in a park and walk away…been there? 

saturday at the movies, laughing with my kids…the stress of the day fades away!

get munked…go see this flick with a kid!  


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