tonight we held our annual stewart marchman christmas party.  this is an outreach to 5 homes where 75+ girls and guys are court ordered to undergo treatment for life threatening issues. tonight was yet another life changing event.  

we took 30+ students into 5 homes and held christmas parties for these kids.  we sang christmas songs, played games, read the christmas story and prayed with kids…we also brought snacks and stockings filled with stuff for every student. the gospel was presented with love and kids responded! God truly moved at stewart marchman in the lives of the kids we reached as well as the lives of the kids we brought. you could see the gleam in there eyes and smiles on there faces as they got off the bus after the outreach.

now that’s what christmas is all about…giving back to our community that is hurting.  in youth ministry, this is one of those moments that lets you know you are truly making a difference as a church in our community. our church will reach over 1000 people this weekend in outreach to kids and the homeless.   what a privilege it is to be apart of a church with a vision to touch lives.  


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